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Volunteer Programme

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Volunteer assisting Dr David Mar NawThis volunteer programme offers you a safe, meaningful, fun and low cost way to experience hill-tribe culture whilst doing something that counts.

Working alongside Dr David, you will travel from village to village in the remote hill-tribes of two sub-districts of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand, assisting him whilst he gives medical advice and treatment. You will get to experience the real life of these peoples, eating with the local families and staying in their bamboo huts. Through Dr David’s knowledge of their languages and background, you will get to learn about their local culture and traditions. Mealtimes are a bonus with hoards of villagers gathering to meet you and share their stories.

Medical professionals (nurses and other doctors), teachers of Maths or English, and other people who are interested in the work of the project are especially encouraged to contact Dr. Mar Naw. Short and long-term volunteer programs can be arranged, offering participants exposure to hill-tribe life and living, as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference among those who most need it.

Recent Volunteers

These are a few of the many volunteers, nurses, medical students and health workers from different countries who came to give assistance to Dr. David in his daily medical social work among the poor hill-tribe people on the hills.

Recent volunteer, 2005Recent volunteer, 2005

“I spent 2 months in Thailand and, of all my experiences, this was the most meaningful, interesting and exciting time. Dr David’s work is wonderful and it was great to have been a part of that even for a short while.”
(volunteer 05)

Next Visit to Hill Tribes

9th March, 2005

We will have four people from different countries leaving for the hill-tribes on the 9th March, 2005. If you would like to join them, please contact Dr. David by email or call him on his mobile: 010273404.

Place of meeting: Entrance of Overbrook hospital, Chiang Rai

Date of meeting: 9th March, 2005

Time of meeting: 10 am

Mode of transport/trekking:
The village truck will pick volunteers up from Chiang Rai and take them as near to the village as possible. From there you will trek to the first village where the doctor stays and where you will stay overnight. The next morning the real trekking starts as you will follow the doctor who moves from village to village, giving free medical treatments with a short overnight rest in each village.

Duration of volunteer programme:
A minimum of 4 days 3 nights

There is no fee for trekking or home-stay (lodging) in the village but you will be required to pay a minimal fee for:

Transport: 70 baht per person each way
Food: 100 baht per day for each person

What to bring:
· Walking boots/shoes
· Warm jacket or sweatshirt
· Sleep sheet (if you have one)
· Tea or coffee and snacks

If you want you can also bring gifts for the hill-tribe children (books, pens…)

Contact for trekking:
Those people who are interested in working with Dr. David Mar Naw in his project can contact him directly by e-mail at:


Please excuse any delay in responding as he can only check his email when down from the villages in town collecting medical supplies.

Dr David can also be contacted on his mobile 010273404.
If necessary, please leave a message as there is no signal when he is in the hill-tribe villages

It is advisable to be in Chiang Rai one day before the start of the volunteer programme as we will need to arrange food and medicines to take with us. We will leave at 1pm on the actual day.

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